Ceres Global



Ceres Global is our flagship event where many of the most influential capital market leaders come together to set the course of action for a more just and sustainable economy by 2030.

The climate crisis, water scarcity, and nature loss are plaguing the health and prosperity of our global communities, impacting our daily lives, and threatening the economic and financial stability of the world. If we are to tackle the most urgent threats wreaking havoc across the globe today, we must continue to address the systemic risks that fuel them.

The three-day event will bring together influential institutional investors, C-suite executives, national policymakers, and thought leaders to highlight the innovative solutions and leading global initiatives paving the way for a more just and sustainable economy. More than ever before, leaders are acting on our global threats, showing the world just how saving the planet and the economy can be done in the next seven years. They are seizing the opportunities that come with the economic transition, despite a growing and misleading political backlash.

During keynote sessions, Ceres Global will refocus the national dialogue to where it should be as the shift to the clean economy gains more speed—advancing sustainable investing and greater corporate ambition and fully implementing the Inflation Reduction Act, the most ambitious federal investment in climate ever, so that we head off the next climate catastrophe. Join us for Ceres Global in New York City as we set the course of action for a more just and sustainable economy by 2030.




Here are just some of the topics
we’ll cover at Ceres Global

JUST and INCLUSIVE ECONOMIES Examine how companies, investors, and policymakers are deepening understanding and capacity for just and inclusive economy efforts in sustainability.

DECARBONIZING HIGH EMITTING SECTORS Examine how companies, investors, and policymakers need to work together to decarbonize electric power, food and agriculture, oil and gas, and transportation sectors to tackle climate risks and unlock new market opportunities.

SUSTAINABLE FINANCE and INVESTMENT Examine how investors and companies are standing up for sustainable investing and creating, developing, and refining their climate transition plans to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

CLIMATE POLICY Learn how to take advantage of the enormous benefits of the largest federal climate investment in the U.S. and support other state and federal legislative actions that promote energy efficiency, tackle emissions from agricultural sectors, protect water and soil health, and build biodiversity.

VALUING WATER Explore how investors are setting corporate expectations for valuing water and leading the charge in making large-scale change a reality.

NATURE and BIODIVERSITY Learn what investors are doing to drive greater corporate ambition and action on reversing nature and biodiversity loss by 2030