Power Shift 2023



Power Shift 2023 will be a massive national youth convergence taking place April 6-8, 2023 in Bvlbancha (colonially known as New Orleans) that will bring together thousands of young people to skill-up to mitigate pending climate catastrophe through three days of trainings, workshops, panels, and actions. There will be speakers, workshops, an action, healing spaces, and more.


15+ years of training thousands of youth climate organizers:
The first Power Shift happened in 2007 in Washington, DC. We’ve trained new movement leaders for well over a decade. Join the thousands who’ve already experience Power Shift. Join the youth climate movement with us! Together we can create a resilient shared future.


Why Bvlbancha?
We were very intentional in selecting Bvlbancha as our host city and are working closely with local activists to co-create PS23. The Gulf South is the belly of the beast of the petrochemical industry in the United States, and Bvlbancha and the surrounding region are ground zero for the effects of climate change and destructive industry practices on the USA’s mainland. If the goal is to have an impact on the industries most harming our planet, making meaningful change in the Gulf South is vital. Fossil fuel industries are deeply embedded into the economy of this region, and being able to shift the balance of power and address industry created harm in the Gulf South will create ripple effects that will impact the world.