Assessing Board Culture and Understanding the Seats of Power

Ignacia Moreno / Joy Blackwood


+ Participants of this module will go away with:

      – Be able to determine how to read, get to know, and navigate the board room, board members, and organizational staff;

      – Understand who to connect with based on the diverse expertise, behaviors, and relationships of their board colleagues

      – Gain confidence through personal relationship building and engaged participation in key Board business and committees. Discussion will include how much time one should       invest in fostering a relationship, preparation for and participation in Board meetings, including types of questions to ask and contributions to make during the exploratory phase of getting to know and understanding the seats of power and board structures, and the importance of maintaining a relationship/connection with the executive director/CEO of the organization and key senior leadership staff.

       – Learn how to establish your brand within the board and within the organization with leadership and staff and how to leverage your brand to build coalitions and effectively promote proposals to further the organization’s mission.



Expert advice on proper Board engagement and participation, and how to assess organizational culture