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The Green Leadership Trust has a growing roster of members. We successfully place our leaders as Board members to environmental organizations.

The Membership Committee organizes activities to add members to our network. As more people of color and indigenous people join environmental boards, the pool of potential Trust members grows.

Green Leadership Trust is the first cross-sector network of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color fiduciaries that serve on the boards of U.S. nonprofit environmental organizations. Our members include individuals with a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience navigating predominantly white in environmental and conservation nonprofits.

The Cecil Corbin-Mark Vanguard Fellowship is a six-month development program where we leverage our combined talent and shared knowledge to impart valuable lessons with the next generation of environmental and conservation leaders of color. The program is designed as a peer-to-peer learning experience primarily executed in a virtual setting with in-person training opportunities when possible.

Vanguard Fellow