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What is Green Leadership Trust?

Green Leadership Trust is a network of Black, Indigenous, and people of color who serve on U.S. nonprofit environmental boards. We work to build a more powerful environmental movement by diversifying its leadership.
We are unique in a number of ways because we are the first cross-organizational effort focused on building power and diversity in any advocacy sector. We are guided first and foremost by our responsibility as fiduciaries of the organizations we represent.

What are the benefits of joining Green Leadership Trust?

  • As a member of Green Leadership Trust, you will have an opportunity to collectively contribute to securing environmental equity and justice for all
  • You will also enjoy the following benefits:
    • Access to free online resources and materials, which contains documents and latest best practices related to diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion.
    • Access to our diverse network-wide listserv  
    • Opportunity to be featured in our membership newsletter and network-wide listserv
    • Meaningful insights from leading environmental organizations
    • Mentorship from highly engagement members new and old
    • Sign up for Board Talent Roster so we can help you find a board that fits your skills and vision
    • Access to our monthly membership calls where members convene to discuss their work, our movement, and best practices
    • Opportunities to speak at events, earn profile features of your work and life, and represent GLT, at key national and international meetings and conferences
    • Free webinars on relevant instructional topics 
    • Financial support for attendance to our Annual Retreat (as available) 
    • Access to comprehensive board orientation and on-boarding through our Cecil Corbin-Mark Vanguard Leadership Program

Are there fees associated with membership?

    • There are no fees associated with joining the network, but we do accept personal contributions to our work, and we will make an annual request of your organization to donate to us. 
    • If you are interested in supporting our work by donation, please consider the options below. 
    • Personal Contributions: If you are interested in providing a personal donation we have the following giving levels:
      • <$500- Green Leadership Friend
      • $500 or more -Green Leadership Ally
      • $1000 or more- Green Leadership Champion
    • Organizational Contribution from your board:
    • Further, if you’d like to ask your organization to consider providing a voluntary charitable contribution, here are our suggested levels:

If I do not belong to an environmental board, can I still join the network?

  • We do accept emeritus status for membership. Additionally, we are happy to assist with the board matching process and find a board that will suit your individual needs. In addition, we invite those not currently serving on boards to join our Board Talent Roster which includes high profile leaders with a range of skills and expertise ready to serve on boards.

Does GLT recommend diverse board members to boards looking for placements as they advance their journey to equity?

  • We are happy to assist you with sourcing diverse board members from our network. You will need to fill out an application and speak with the GLT’s leadership team. For more information, you can contact them at