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At Green Leadership Trust (GLT), we understand that the journey towards environmental justice and sustainability is a collective endeavor that requires strong, diverse leadership at its helm. While numerous initiatives focus on creating entry-level pathways, GLT stands apart in its commitment to strengthen the environmental movement by enhancing inclusivity, effectiveness, and representation at the executive tier and board level.

GLT’s Unique Support for Your Organization

We believe that transformative change begins with visionary leadership. GLT is uniquely positioned to assist executive staff and boards of environmental and social justice organizations in cultivating a culture of inclusivity that permeates every level of operation. Here’s how we can support your organization:

  1. Board Placement Support
    Building a diverse and dynamic board is crucial for any organization aiming to achieve lasting impact. GLT provides unparalleled support in identifying and placing environmentalists of color in board positions, enriching your leadership with a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Our extensive network of qualified, passionate leaders is a resource for your organization, ensuring that your board reflects the communities you serve.
  2. Governance and Culture Support
    The core of any successful organization lies in its governance and the culture it nurtures. GLT offers expertise in refining governance structures and practices to foster a more inclusive and effective board. Our support extends to facilitating workshops, providing resources, and advising on best practices tailored to enhance your organization’s cultural dynamics, ensuring they are aligned with principles of equity and environmental justice.
  3. CEO Evaluation Tool
    A critical component of organizational growth and leadership development is effective evaluation. GLT has developed a comprehensive CEO Evaluation Tool designed to support organizations in assessing the performance of their top executives through the lens of inclusivity and environmental justice. This tool aids in setting clear expectations, fostering open communication, and guiding CEOs towards leading with an inclusivity-first approach.
  4. Best Practices Presentations for Boards
    Education and continuous learning are key to maintaining an effective and responsive board. GLT offers best practices presentations tailored for boards of environmental and social justice organizations. These presentations cover a range of essential topics, from strategic planning and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to financial oversight and fundraising. By equipping your board with the knowledge and tools they need, we help ensure your organization is governed effectively and aligned with its mission and values.

Engage with GLT for a Sustainable Future

Partnering with GLT means more than just accessing resources; it’s a commitment to building a more just, inclusive, and effective environmental movement from the top down. By focusing on executive leadership and board composition, your organization can drive profound systemic change, reflecting the diversity and richness of the communities you aim to serve.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of partnership with GLT. Together, we can pave the way for a future where environmental leadership is as diverse as the ecosystems we strive to protect.

For more information on how GLT can support your organization, or to initiate a partnership, please contact us.