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Are you an environmentalist of color eager to break through the barriers of underrepresentation in the environmental sector? A racial justice advocate seeking to drive awareness of the impact on environmental injustice in our communities?  Joining a board of directors is your chance to make a transformative impact and rectify historical injustices.

  1. Fight Burnout and Prioritize Wellness Across the Sector:
    Historically, our communities has faced the brunt of environmental harm. By joining a board, you can champion collective care and wellness initiatives to combat burnout and ensure a thriving, balanced sector.
  2. Advocate for Equitable Compensation and Inclusion:
    Securing a seat at the table empowers you to champion representation, access, and equitable compensation, rectifying past inequities and ensuring a more inclusive and just sector.
  3. Access to GLT’s Membership Community:
    By joining a board, you gain entry into the Green Leadership Trust (GLT) community, home to 230+ brilliant environmentalists of color. It’s a dynamic network where you can build relationships, share knowledge, and collaborate with passionate peers.
  4. Drive Systemic Change with Innovative Ideas:
    Board service gives you the platform to drive systemic change and push the sector towards innovative solutions that are key to achieving environmental justice.
  5. Empower Your Voice:
    Claim your seat on a board and amplify your voice, advocating for marginalized communities, issues, and solutions in the environmental sector.
  6. Embrace Collaboration:
    Boards offer a unique opportunity for collaboration, allowing you to learn from your peers and gain insights from a variety of environmental fields.
  7. Personal Growth and Leadership Development:
    Serving on a board isn’t just about giving; it’s about growth. You’ll develop leadership and management skills that can turbocharge your environmental career.
  8. Impact Policy:
    As a board member, you can help shape policies that drive real change and steer the environmental movement toward a brighter, more sustainable future.
  9. Expand Your Network:
    Forge connections with like-minded individuals and become part of an active network of change-makers and leaders in the environmental, conservation, and climate movement.
  10. Accelerate Transformative Change:
    Become a catalyst for powerful change, pushing the sector closer to a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future. Your energy and passion are the driving forces we need!

Joining a board of directors offers you an exhilarating journey to drive environmental justice and make an impact on an unprecedented scale. It’s your chance to lead change and leave a lasting legacy. So, why wait? Seize the opportunity to make a difference today!

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Sign up for the GLT Board Talent Roster: Board Talent Roster Sign-Up